• Weird Behavior with Microsoft PCF Option Set Custom Control

    As part of the controls that are available for Model Driven apps in unified interface we have the Option Set PCF custom control. Recently I encountered a weird behavior in these controls. I am not sure whether Microsoft would consider this as a bug or a feature, but I wanted to discuss this here, so that possibly it can help other who are encountering the same issue.
  • Considerations for Embedding Canvas Apps in Model Driven forms

    We have all seen different articles and posts that detail the steps of how to embed a Canvas App within a Model-Driven form by adding the Canvas App control to a field on the form, but sometimes that might not be enough for the requirements that we have in place.

  • How to start with Project Oakdale (MS Teams and Power Apps)

    In this blog post I will review the recent announcement from Microsoft Ignite, where we saw first hand Project Oakdale, or Power Apps within Microsoft Teams. The post will show you how to enable Power Apps within your teams tenant, and how to start working on your first app.

  • Update Data in your CDS using Azure SQL Server, Azure Functions or Connectors from SQL Data

    Recently, while working on a project that needed to update the Exchange rates in CDS, I was tasked at finding a solution that would be able to retrieve data from a SQL Server hosted on an Azure Virtual Machine. There were so many different approaches, and security was the main one, but I decided to do a deep dive and testing out how Power Automate will be able to accommodate these requests.

  • Using the Maker Portal to Export to Data Lake

    In my current role the matter of using a data lake has come up, and I wanted to get ready in case this implementation will become a need. I followed instructions from some of the published Microsoft blogs, and this blog post provides step by step instructions on how to configure the Azure Storage account to enable the Export to Data Lake feature as well as running the same process from within the Power Apps Maker Portal

  • Microsoft Forms Pro is becoming Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

    In late July, during Inspire 2020 event, Microsoft made an announcement about the upcoming changes to their forms and survey application (Forms Pro), and rebranding this as a completely new product Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

  • Email enhancements in 2020 Wave 2 Release Plan

    With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 Release Wave 2, Microsoft has made several enhancements related to the email experience in model-driven apps. This post will cover the email file attachment enhancements as well as the new experience for email templates.

  • Document Generation Enhancements in 2020 Release Wave 2

    With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 Release Wave 2, Microsoft has made some enhancements to the document generation capabilities and file attachments in model-driven apps. This first post will cover the document generation capabilities and the generation of pdf documents based on document templates.
  • Customer Service Workspace (Preview) in 2020 Wave 2 Release Plan

    For anyone who has experience with Microsoft Omni channel interface, and has enabled the 2020 Wave 2 Release Plan, there is a new app that appeared with the name Customer Service Workspace (Preview). As noted in the release plan, the multisession app allows customer service agent to multitask on several customer cases simultaneously and seamlessly switch among issues without losing context of the in-progress work.

  • Web API in Power Apps Portals - First Review

    With the release of the documentation of the Portals Web API by Microsoft on July 16, I was waiting for a chance to test these features out and see how easy or hard it would be to get this working. There are a few requirements and prerequisites to get this working, which I will describe in this post. Remember that the portals are still in preview, which means that some of the content of this post might change prior to the final release of this API.