• Moving to Azure Synapse

    I have been working with a client for the past year or so, where they have been using the Data Export Service to write data from their Dataverse environment to an Azure hosted SQL Server.

    The Data Export service, for anyone who is not aware is a Microsoft solution that uses the Data Export Framework that allows the moving of data from Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dataverse to an Azure SQL Server (whether running on an Azure VM, Azure SQL or an Azure Managed instance). This solution works without the requirement for any custom development or SQL Server Integration Services.

  • New Model-Driven App Designer

    Yesterday, June 8th, Microsoft announced the public preview availability of the new Model-Driven App Designer (or Modern App Designer). You can read about the announcement on the Microsoft Power Apps blog in the link below:

  • Fix Embedded Canvas App error in iOS 14 devices

    A few days ago, while performing some QA tasks on a project that I am working on, we noticed that one of our embedded Canvas Apps was no longer working on an Apple iPad device. We were getting an error that was related to cookies not being enabled on the device, but after looking at the organization policy and the settings on the device we found out that was not the case.

  • New Dataverse functionality in creation of App Users

    In late 2019, I wrote a blog article on how to configure oAuth authentication for Dataverse by creating an App Registration record in Azure, and the configuring the App Registration/User account in your Dataverse environment so that it can be consumed as an Application User or Service Principal. The link to that article is shown below:

  • Hiding Grid Item Entity Images from your Model Driven App

    As we all know when we display our grids in flow (responsive) mode, the style of the grid changes from table style into card view style. When this happens, what we see is a bubble that shows up next to each card item, and we don’t really have much control over the colors or the text within those bubbles.

  • CRUD Support for Virtual Tables

    It seems like this was only a few days ago, but based on the sample that was published by Microsoft it’s been almost 2 weeks since Microsoft released CRUD support on Virtual tables.

  • Handling Missing Dataverse Privileges in Canvas App

    In a recent implementation I was working on a Canvas app that was supposed to display records to the users in a Nested Gallery. The users that would be accessing the gallery would always have permission to see the parent gallery, but not everyone had permissions to view the child gallery.

  • Calling an Azure Pipeline using a Cloud Flow or Canvas App

    With everything that is going on around ALM and CI/CD and how to implement an automated deployment process with Azure Dev Ops of Github actions, there are still many organizations that have a lot of work that needs to be done before they can turn the switch over.

    In this post, I will show how we can use Power Automate Cloud flows to initiate an Azure DevOps Pipeline, and in turn use a Canvas App to call the flow that will call the Azure DevOps pipeline.

  • Adding Membership selections to Canvas Apps

    As always, I try to bring some real world scenarios that I was required to implement and modify the logic a little bit. In today’s app we will be creating a project record and adding and removing membership to the project while adding custom logic to adhere to special circumstances. You can do this of course with a model-driven app, but the main requirement was to make sure that the percentages of ownership on the Project is always 100%.

  • 2021 release wave 1 plan - First Look – Power Apps Model-Driven Apps

    A few days, on January 27th, Microsoft release the documentation for the 2021 release wave 1 plan. As there are hundreds of doc pages containing the features that will be released between April and September 2021. You will be able to get access to some of these features starting the beginning of February (in preview mode), and then it will be rolled out to the different regions in April.