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AutoNumbering solutions for Dynamics CRM

CRM AutoNumber is an advanced autonumbering solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, both On-Premise and Online.
Below is the list of the most common features:

All Entity Support

Supports Out of the Box Entities as well as Custom Entities.

Multiple Data Formats

Support for generating autonumber on Text Fields and Number Fields

Prefix and Suffix Support

Support for adding prefix and suffix to Text Field AutoNumbers

Lookup Control Support

Support for retrieving values from a related entity for generation of combined autonumber with Separator

Option Set Control

Support for retrieving values from an option set and generating an autonumber with Separator based on Option Set

Multiple Option Set Values

Support for having multiple values of autonumber based on a single option set control

Numeric Padding

Automatically add zeros at the beginning of an AutoNumber if necessary 


Auto-Fill missing autonumbers on related entities


Automatically Publish new rules, without having to making changes in Plugin deployment wizard. 

CRM AutoNumber

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