What’s New in CRM 2013

With the recent introduction of the next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, originally code-named Orion and the new videos that are now available on the Microsoft Partner Training site, the future looks very interesting.

The demos that were provided were impressive and it seems like Microsoft is finally improving on the functionality that has been requested. The new User Experience included in-page experience, easier navigation, dashboards in every module and command bar instead of the ribbon. The User Experience principles that Microsoft has been trying to achieve are Simple, Usable, Modern and Fast.



Focus on the essential functions with a clear, consistent purpose that matches user intention


Measure usability, incorporate feedback into designs


Use appropriate web interpretation of Windows 8 UI to create delightful engaging people and process centric experiences


Design and deliver great perceived performance


Design for Love. Create software that people not only want to use, but simply can't live without

In addition to the enhanced user experience, some of the highlights we were impressed with:

  • Quick View and Quick Create Forms
  • Business Rules
  • Business Process Flows across all entities
  • Real Time Workflows
  • Mobility and Tablet Experience
  • Team Access
  • Modified Data Structure

Additional information and updates are available here