Retrieving All Records owned by other Team Members

We recently got into a situation where a client wanted to have a view that will display all the records of all the users that belong to the same team as the logged in user. Originally we thought it would be easy, but it happens to be slightly more complex.

The first thought of course is to modify the "My Active Comments" view to include both Owner Equals Current User and Owner Equals Current User's Teams, but that of course will only retrieve the records that are owned by the logged in user or the actual team, not the team members.

The next option was of course creating a view with various levels of linked entities and set the IsDefault of the team entity to No, so that not all team members will be retrieved.
Since this was a comments system and the application had a lot of teams for different Roles and Categories, so setting the IsDefault attribute to No would not solve our problem because we would still get the Role based users.

What we ended up doing is excluding from the view all of the Teams that are "Role based", which included Users spanning across different categories. by doing so, we were able to retrieve the expected results.

Team Members View 

When looking at the view, we will be able to see all the records that are assigned to other members of your team.