Microsoft Forms Pro is becoming Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

In late July, during Inspire 2020 event, Microsoft made an announcement about the upcoming changes to their forms and survey application (Forms Pro), and rebranding this as a completely new product Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

The announcement after Inspire was published in the Dynamics 365 blogs:

Depending on where in the world your tenant is, this push would have happened sometime during August, and if you try to access Forms Pro using the site, you would get a notification that Forms Pro is not Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, and that you should be accessing your surveys there. It also mentions that they will no longer be available on the forms web site after 9/30/2020.

Forms Pro to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice - Transition Message

When you click on Open Customer Voice, you will see a complete new interface (and url). The home page will provide with a New Project or Get Started button that you can start creating a new Survey either from a template or from blank. Out of the box at this time there are 4 available templates which cover a customer service survey, delivery survey, service visit survey and a support survey.

Forms Pro to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice - New Project

After you select your survey, you will be asked which environment you want to connect this survey with, and the survey will be automatically created, with a predefined list of questions. You can remove any of the predefined questions or add new questions, similar to they way this was done in Forms Pro. The navigation and the customization of the Survey have been redesigned and revamped though.

The left pane, or main navigation pane will contain the list of surveys that are associated with your current project. This means that you can have a single project with multiple surveys within it, as well as the Satisfaction metrics and the outcome of your survey, which will show you the responses from the survey.

The right pane is your customization pane. This allows you to customize parts of your survey with branching, variables, languages, branding, formatting and satisfaction metrics. Clicking on any one of these links will show the settings for that particular area of customization.

Forms Pro to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice - Customization Pane

Once you have done working on your survey, you can easily send the survey out from within Customer Voice. The Send tab provides you various options of sending out the survey via Automation, Email, Embedding, Link or QR Code. The screen below shows the Send tab of the survey. You can personalize your email, use templates and even embed a survey question in the email, add the survey and unsubscribe links or personalize the survey with additional fields based on the uploaded data. You can also add automation for events such as sending surveys when leads are qualified or cases are resolved.

Forms Pro to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice - Send Survey Options

As of the time of writing this, there have not been any changes to the Power Automate Forms Connectors. I am not exactly sure if there is a plan to make changes to them or bring additional features, but they still provide the same functionality for Customer Voice and they did for Forms Pro.

Forms Pro to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice - Power Automate

Hope this gives you some insights as to the changes that are have been or will be deployed into your tenants and that the new changes will really make the use of surveys a lot easier to use.