CRM Exchange Sync support for Dynamics 365

Our CRM Exchange Sync with support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has just been released, now with additional functionality and support for additional environments. The CRM Exchange Sync application provides the capability of synchronizing between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists and Contacts with Exchange Distribution Groups, Mail Contacts and Mail User records.

The application retrieves the data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists (both static or dynamic), and adds the members of the lists to Microsoft Exchange. If the members already exist in Exchange, the application can update them.

From the Microsoft Dynamics CRM side, the application supports Dynamics CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365. On the Exchange Server side, the application support Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2016, as well as Microsoft Exchange Online (via an Office 365 subscription).

The CRM Sync solution includes features such as such as Automatic Synchronization, Field Mapping and Custom entity relationships.

It is available for a 30-day trial.