Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update

On November 1, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online December 2012 Service Update was announced.

This update reimagines the ways sales and customer service professionals' work with CRM. Microsoft is moving away from the traditional data-centric lists and forms approach, and this service update will add new user experiences that simply and visually guide users through their business processes.

The range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM supported browsers is being expanded that will allow added flexibility in the devices and platforms that we use. In addition, support for Microsoft Office 2013 across Outlook, Word and Excel has been added.

New application capabilities have also been added including predefined best practice sales and service business process definitions which are highly configurable and will accelerate time-to-value for organizations. New cloud extensibility options and large datasets bulk data API were added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

For the full list of features included in this service document, download the Release Preview Guide for the December 2012 Service Update which details all the new features and functionality.