Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online Integration - Overview

Over the past few years we have encountered multiple scenarios where the Out of the Box SharePoint Integration component, did not fulfill the requirements of our clients using Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. Some of these had to do with capturing additional attributes in SharePoint, and sharing similar data across different entities in SharePoint.

We ended up developing a solution that will solve some of this problems by using Azure API and the SharePoint Client Tools (can also be done with SharePoint API of course), and developing a custom web resource that will call the Azure API functions provide the ability to upload files to SharePoint as well as download files from SharePoint.

The image below shows the end result of the SharePoint Grid inside of a CRM entity. 

SharePoint Grid

I will provide a separate post for each of the following portions of the application is the next week (or so), as well as post a copy of the different portions of the Source Code on github.

This series will include the following articles: