AutoNumber now available for Free

Brite Global released their AutoNumber solution in 2011 together with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. At the time the solution provided simple autonumbering with the ability to create AutoNumber on numeric or text fields with additional formatting settings. As Dynamics CRM and the releases evolved, the AutoNumber solution options continued to evolve and we are now providing various AutoNumbering options, including getting data from Optionsets, Lookups and related entities to generate the numbering sequences.

The AutoNumber solution (XrmAutoNumber) is now available in two separate releases: AutoNumber Lite and AutoNumber Enterprise.
The solution works on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and above both on On-Prem and Online environments.

The AutoNumber Lite solution is available for free for the Dynamics Community and provides the basic autonumbering features that were available in the CRM 2011 release which include:

  • Support for System and Custom Entities
  • Support for Whole Number Field and Text Field Numbering
  • Support for Prefix, Suffix and Separators in Text Field Numbering
  • Support for numeric padding in the AutoNumber String
  • Support to AutoFill missing AutoNumbers
  • Automatically Publish AutoNumbers (and Create Plugin Steps in the background)
  • Support to run in User's Context or Creator Context

In addition to the features of the AutoNumber Lite solution, the enterprise solution includes the following additional features

  • Support for retrieving values from related entities to generate new autonumber
  • Support for retrieving values from optionsets with single or multiple counters for each options set item
  • Support for retriving values from lookup with single or multiple counter for each lookup item

If you would like more information about our AutoNumber solution, or if you would like to get a copy of the free version, please click on the link and enter your information on the web page. A download link and information on how to use the AutoNumber solution will be sent to you.

We will be adding this AutoNumber solutions to appsource along with some of our other solutions soon, so you will be able to download it from there as well.

We hope you enjoy this new offering.