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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
CRM Projects and Addins
Brite Global has been involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its version 1.2 release in 2003, and has continued working with all aspects of the product, including development of custom solutions and addins from version 3.0 till 2016 and CRM Online.
The lists below details some of the solutions and add-ins that Brite Global has developed that can be customized and integrated within your organization shall the needs arise. The bottom line is why develop from scratch when you can add features that have already been previously developed.
CRM to Exchange Synchronization
CRM to Exchange Synchronization CRM To Exchange Synchornization is designed to synchronize CRM Groups and Views with Microsoft Exchange Server. This will allow users to send to the same groups of people, either from their Microsoft Outlook Client or from CRM. The application can run on predetermined intervals or on-Demand, and groups for synchronization can be easily added or removed from the list of groups.
  CRM to Exchange Synchronization Features
  Microsoft Platform Ready
CRM to Web Form 2011
CRM to Web Form Internet Lead Capture CRM to Web Form 2011 allows using forms designed in CRM 2011, and using them on your web site or SharePoint portal to retrieve customer information and save it in your CRM environment.
The CRM to Web Form 2011 is an easy to use replacement for the Microsoft Internet Lead Capture Tool for CRM Online.
  CRM to Web Form 2011 Features
  Microsoft Platform Ready
CRM AutoNumber
CRM AutoNumber CRM AutoNumber allows creating custom number sequences for different fields in your CRM environment when the records are created. The CRM AutoNumber provides support for numeric and text fields as well as support for prefix and suffix for the text fields.
  CRM AutoNumber Features
  Microsoft Platform Ready
CRM Charge
CRM Charge CRM Charge adds credit card processing capabilities to any CRM solution. It provides the ability to charge, void or credit a particular credit card assisgned to a contact or lead. The system accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, and is customized based on CRM. Settlements can run on-demand or in predefined intervals.
  CRM Charge Features
  Microsoft Platform Ready
CRM Bulk E-mail
CRM Bulk E-mail CRM Bulk E-mail is an ISV solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows the sending of a mass e-mail to groups of contacts. Bulk e-mail can send e-mails to any CRM entity with a relationship to the contact record, as well as sending e-mails to custom views. The application runs asynchronously at predefined intervals, and the sender will receive notifications with message status at completion. Features include attachments, multiple groups, test send, delayed send, send on behalf and more. The CRM Bult e-mail application can be customized to fit your own business needs.
CRM Bulk E-mail Features
Coming Soon
  • Import Manager
  • Notifications Manager
  • Outlook One-Way Sync
Rent Roll 2010
Rent Roll 2010 is a Property Management system is a powerful property, rental unit and tenant mangement system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is design for property management companies of all sizes, both commercial and residential having the need to manage their properties and tenants, handle prospective tenants, receive payments, service requests, and run analytics and reports.

Its features include: Property Information Management, Financial Details, Unit and Tenant Information, Payment Receipts and Logs, Applicants and Prospects, Vacancies and Past Due Reports. Additional extended functionality can include: executive dashboards, summary views, automated rent increases, multi-tenant rent increases, applicant to tenant conversion, service request management and more.

Please contact us for more information.
Property Management System
Partner Add-ins
  • Address Validator
  • Audit
  • Auto Number
  • Bulk Delete
  • Data 2 CRM
  • Email 2 CRM
  • Field Level Security
  • Group Calendar
  • Import Manager
  • Inline Help
  • Multi-field Search
  • Multi-forms
  • Record Editor
  • Tooltip Manager
  • Web 2 CRM
  • and more...


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