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Process Driven UI

The Process driven UI comes with the enhanced UX forms. At the time of this release, the enhanced forms are only available for the Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and Case entities. In future releases the enhanced UX forms will be available for some of the other entities.
Lead Stages

Predefined stages and steps exist for the Leads, Opportunities and Case management, where each stage will consist of multiple steps that must be completed prior to being able to move to another stage.
 Process Customization

Skype, Yammer and Bing Maps Integration

CRM Users can now initiate outgoing calls to both regular phone or to Skype devices directly from within their CRM forms and views. In order to dial to a Skype telephone, the Skype application must be installed on the initiating caller's computer.
Skype Integration

The integration with Bing Maps is currently available with the Account, Contact and Lead entities. When an address has been entered into the form of one of these entities, the Bing Map will automatically appear on the CRM form. You can navigate directly on the map on the form, or open the map in a new window to take advantage of all the Bing Maps features.
Bing Maps Integration

Microsoft has made a big step towards enhancing their social integration with Yammer. This integration has not yet been concluded, but should be available as part of the product in the near future.
Support for Microsoft Office 2013

Support for Microsoft Outlook 2013 is currently available, but additional enhancements to the user interface have not been made at this point. New Office 2013 integration features are expected to be available by the end of 2013.
Office 2013 Integration
Support for Multiple Browser

Multiple browser support has been enabled to all aspects of the application. The image below displays that operating systems and browsers that will be supported with the UR12 update.
Browser Support
Bulk Data API

The Bulk Data API will allow CRM developers to send multiple service calls, such as Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete operations in a single Bulk API call. This feature is a greate addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which will speed up imports and updates to the application.
Additional information about the use of the ExecuteMultipleRequest is available on MSDN.

Custom Workflow Activities

Custom workflow activities, which have always been available for On-Premise deployments, are now available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This will allow the creation of simple and complex activities against CRM entities.

Multiple CRM instances

The limitation of having a single instance of CRM Online per account has been removed with the recently deployed December 2012 Update Release. This will allow enterprise customers to have development and testing environments for the CRM application.
The additional instances will be charged at a monthly rate per instance and will not require additional CRM licenses. Each user license will be able to access all the instances that are part of the CRM subscription.


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