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crm for healthcare industry

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Health Solution templates are pre-built templates that provide healthcare provides and insurance brokers and easy way to get up and started with a CRM solution. These templates include the Health Plan Sales Template, the Healthcare Template and the Life Annuity Insurance Template.
These templates allow health related organizations to improve and manage their sales and marketing processes, manage the customer value lifecycle, provide a broader and improved set of services, seek high quality leads and move prospects into customers.
The sections below provide additiona information about each of these templates. The Healthcare solution templates, built by Microsoft Dynamics Labs are available free of charge, and provide the initial customizations required these organizations.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Health Plan Sales template is a pre-built template that demonstrates how health plans can easily move their marketing & sales processes online, and manage the customer value lifecycle.

The Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used as a reference to build a new strategic sales-and service-enabled CRM platform for health plans to quickly and easily move their marketing and sales processes online to proactively manage and monitor sales, member service and retention.

It showcases the product’s capability for capturing critical sales data that integrates with--and enables workflows between-- the various touch points in the health plan marketing, sales, and service processes. This ensures that customer experiences are seamless and exceptional across the entire customer lifecycle, from sales to renewal, including Marketing, Sales, Enrollment, Care Delivery, Care/Wellness Coaching, Customer Service, Retention, and Renewal.

See how health plans can easily move their marketing & sales processes online, and manage their customer value lifecycle.

Health Plan Sales Template

See how health plans can manage their customer value lifecycle.

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