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The CRM to Exchange Synchronization is a Windows based application that allows synchronizing between lists of contacts and users in CRM and Exchange.
A marketing list in CRM can contain a list of contacts that also exist in Exchange. To allow the lists of users to be synchronized between the various systems, the CRM to Exchange Sync application matches the contact information from the CRM system to the Exchange Server system.
The CRM to Exchange application is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise and Online and Exchange Server 2010 versions.
Features include:
CRM to Exchange Sync Synchronization of Different E-mail Enabled EntitiesSynchronization of Static and Dynamic Marketing ListsCreation of New Contacts in ExchangeModification of information in User accounts in ExchangeCreation of Distribution Lists in ExchangeInsertion of Users in predefined Organization Units and Groups in ExchangeActivating and Deactivating lists for SynchronizationAsynchronous Synchronization ProcessLog File Creation
New features:
CRM to Exchange Sync CRM to Exchange Field Mapping CRM Duplicate Detection Features Filtered Updating of Exchange Mail Contacts Multiple Delete options from Exchange Server Hide Mail Contacts from Exchange Address Book
The CRM to Exchange Sync Application is now available for a 30-day trial.
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