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salesforce comparison guide

​Every business relies on customer relationships to build and grow value over time. As you evaluate the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution for your business, it's important to evaluted the total solution - including the user experience, product functionality and support costs. It is also important to select a product that will grow with your business as it expands over time.

If you are considering, your should seriously evaluate both its functionality and pricing options. Compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM to and you will see that Microsoft provides a world-class CRM solution that work with your other Microsoft products, at a reasonable cost.

​High price and hidden charges CRM editions are priced a a premium realtive to the other vendors in the CRM industry. In fact, customers should be aware of upcharges and hidden charges as terms are negotiated, adn they should also know that lower priced editions often do not have the needed functionality.

Starting at $125/user/month for Enterprise Edition

​No Service Level Agreement (SLA) does not offer a service level agreement.

​Limited content access offers a content library within its CRM solution, but only users that have licenses can access its files. Additionally, charges approximately two times the extra storage fees compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, making an external file repository, like SharePoint, a necessity for many customers. And to make things more challenging, does not have SharePoint integration out of the box.

​Incomplete offline solution allows users to access some CRM data through an offline client with some editions - for a premium price.
In fact, the lowest list price available with offline access is $90/user/month, which is more than double the regular list price ($44/user/month) of Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online.

​Counter intuitive processes offers a Microsoft Outlook ad-on that behaves as a simple synching engine on some, but not all CRM information. As a result, forces redundant activities (e.g. copy, paste) and counterintuitive processes on users, increasing probability of errors and negating productivity gains that could otherwise be accomplished.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

​One price for all functionality

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is offered at-one-price -for-all functionality. Partner solutions are an additional cost, but often significantly less than and can provide more value.

Starting at $44/user/month

​99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a financially backed, 99.9% uptime SLA. Microsoft has consistently delivered an extremely high rate of uptime since the service was launched in April 2008, and are accoutable to customers if the service does not meet SLA standards.

​SharePoint site interoperability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides license holders with 5GB of storage (as opposed to the 1GB that offers), allowing businesses to store more content directly within the product. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM interoperates well with SharePoint, giving businesses a fast and simple way to leverage their existing investments in Microsoft SharePoint.

​Strong offline productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can access offline data through Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook users can keep an entire copy of their CRM information locally on their computer, allowing them to be productive when they are working without Internet connectivity.

​Office fluent user interface

Microsoft Outlook users intuitevely know to to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of its interoperability with, and functionality within Microsoft Outlook.
As a result, users are able to adopt it more readily and companies quickly capture value from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments.


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