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microsoft dynamics crm bulk e-mailer

CRM Bulk E-mailer

The CRM Bulk E-mailer application includes multiple elements that allows sending mass e-mail messages to groups of contacts. It can send e-mails to any e-mail enabled entity that has a relationship with the contact entity, as well as sending e-mails to mailing lists.
This application executes during the CRM E-mail Send event. All of the default e-mail features are available (such as multiple recipients groups, attachments, delayed send and sending on behalf).
The application can be further customized and enhanced to fit your future business needs.
Features include:
CRM Bulk E-mailer Use of Standard CRM E-mail Form Sending e-mail messages to lists of users Use of Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists Inclusion of Graphics, Links and Attachments in e-mail messages Copy Sub-contacts or assistants on e-mail messages Send Separate E-mail to each member of a Distribution List or E-mail Enabled Entity Use of Global Templates Support for Microsoft Outlook Storage of Single Attachment Only


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