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data services

​​​​​​​Development Services
Data Platform and BI
​Brite Global has a vast experience in a wide range of database platforms from simple desktop database systems for small businesses and medium sized businesses to large and enterprise database servers for large and enterprise businesses and institutes.
​Our IT staff has years of experience designing relational database and warehouse systems tailored to fit your needs. Our database solutions are fully managed based on your unique business requirements. They are built so they are robust enough to be able to handle any request from the calling applications.
Database Services
Database Design and Development
Our database design process for tailored applications starts with a high-level conceptual design, understanding the core business requirements and the top-level entities​ that will be needed for the system
We then proceed to modeling the business requirements and data, using key database components, and lastly diving into the physical design, which involves mapping the logical system design into phsycial media, taking advantage of the hardware and software features. This allows to have a proper maintained and physically accessed database system. 
Database Design
Database Programming
In addition to the proper design our IT staff will enhance the performance and capabilities of the database by utilizing the programming capabilities of the database engine, and using deep tools and integration with highly used development platforms to deliver faster results.


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