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Software Development Methodologies

Software Development methodologies refer to frameworks used to control the process of developing software applications. There are a wide variety of frameworks available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some methodologies are more suitable for certain types of projects while other methodologies are suitable for other project types, based on technical, organizational and project/team considerations.

Software Development Approaches

Each sofware development methodologey has its own approach to software development. There is a set of more general appraoches, which were developed into several specific methodologies. These approaches are:
  • Waterfall: linear frameowrk type
  • Prototyping: interative framework type
  • Incremental: combination of linear and iterative framework types
  • Spiral: combination of linear and iterative framework types
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD): iterative framework type
  • Extreme Programming
Brite Global uses 3 different types of methodologies for its different projects:
  • Sure Step Methodology for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementations
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework for Agile Software Development Projects
  • Scrum Framework for Software Development Projects
Sure Step Methodology


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