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CRM to Exchange Sync version 2.0 Released

CRM to Exchange Sync is a Windows application and service that is installed on your Exchange Server which allows the synchronization between your CRM contacts and Exchange Mail contacts and users.
The application will review the members of your CRM Marketing Lists (both Static and Dynamic), and synchronize them with your Microsoft Exchange distribution groups.
The solution can be configured to run On-Demand or automated at times configured in your CRM environment.

The solution works with CRM On Premise and CRM Online (Windows Live and Office 365) and with Exchange Server 2010.
The solution has been tested and verified, and is Microsoft Platform Ready for Windows 2008 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. You can request a 30-day trial of the application.

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CRM to Web Form (Internet Lead Capture) version 1.0 Released

CRM to Web Form is a viable and improved replacements for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Internet Lead Capture service which will be deprecated on February 15, 2013. CRM to Web Form allows using forms that are designed in CRM 2011 and adding them to your own corporated web site or forms that can be hosted in Windows Azure.

The solution is Microsoft Platform Ready for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. CRM to Web Form works with CRM On-Premise and CRM Online (Windows Live and Office 365 Configurations)
CRM to Web Form is available for a 30-day trial.

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